20 January, 2022

The Humanitarian Collective

Be a global citizen. Become a humanitarian.

About Us


The Humanitarian Collective is an online publication founded by a group of high school students to provide other students across the political spectrum and around the world with a platform for expressing their voices and experiences. Through articles, opinion pieces, and discussion posts, we seek to shed light on pressing humanitarian issues that often go overlooked. Placing emphasis on the real world effects of politics and policy on humans and the planet, we strive to tell stories on the human level through authentic narratives and thought-provoking analysis. With each article, we hope to not only inform but inspire our readership to seek out new perspectives of, learn from, and engage in international dialogue with their own peers on the future we young people are to inherit. In doing this we are fighting for—and by doing this we truly believe we can create—a world that deeply understands the value of a human life. 


The Humanitarian Collective is always seeking new writers and new perspectives to bring to our publication. Everyone has a story tell, and we want to help empower your voice as a global citizen.

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