23 May, 2022

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HELP AFGHANISTAN: Click Here to View Our List of Resources

It is easy to feel as though you are helpless in times of international humanitarian crises. While our power as individuals is limited, we have organized a list of resources directed towards assisting Afghans in escaping persecution from the Taliban, the violent militant group that has usurped the Afghan government. In the coming days, The Humanitarian Collective will provide a comprehensive historical breakdown of the crisis in Afghanistan. For now, however, we urge you to use the action items below. 

  1. Miles4Migrants utilizes cash and airline mile donations to fund flights of migrants out of Afghanistan. This is possibly the most direct means of supporting much needed evacuations.


  1. Donate to Neighbors in Need: Afghan Allies. This group is providing services such as food, housing assistance, and clothing to Afghan migrants. 

LINK: https://secure2.convio.net/lirs/site/Donation2?df_id=4079&4079.donation=form1&mfc_pref=T/

  1. The Lutheran Immigration and Rescue Service is helping evacuated refugees arriving in the United States with basic resources to adapt to their new environment: airport pickups, apartment set-ups, clothing, meal delivery, and much more. Currently operating in four main areas: Seattle/Tacoma, DMV, Houston, and Fort Worth.

LINK: https://lirsconnect.org/get_involved/action_center/siv

  1. If you would like to donate in a more consolidated fashion, CNN has organized a list of 11 vetted non-profits that are directly aiding Afghan civilians during this crisis.

LINK: https://action.publicgood.com/campaign/7514376f-15b9-4336-9e1e-ad6a5f73cf47

5. Use the Afghanistan congressional call script to contact government officials directly and demand action be taken.


6. Keep the pressure on President Biden and email the administration. The International Rescue Committee has an email template you can use. 

LINK: https://act.rescue.org/yRqHe9p

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